Collecting My Thoughts

My Personal Journey of Evolution

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Collecting My Thoughts is a unique compilation of short stories that walks readers through the author’s journey of evolution. In this collection of essays, you’ll get an intimate view as a young man shares his story of remorse, healing, redemption and emerging from the womb of darkness. The author’s intent is to save someone from falling into the darkness due to a lack of knowledge of one's true divine nature. 


The author uses his past mistakes to encourage others to think before making choices and decisions that can alter their life. He transparently opens up about a tragic situation that shifted the trajectory of his life, and shares how his experience being incarcerated molded him into a better version of himself. 


After reading this book, readers will feel more inclined to take accountability for their actions, as well as how to embrace the person they were created to be. Collecting My Thoughts will encourage you to also take inventory of your own thoughts so that you can ultimately make decisions that benefit all of mankind.

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