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Joseph E. Dames, III also known by his nickname, Junior Man, was born in Stuart, FL. Most of his youth was spent as a hard-headed, rebellious man-child trying to navigate the urban streets of St. Petersburg, FL where he grew up.


At the age of seventeen, after a life-shattering event, that left him standing before a Pinellas County judge who pronounced a sentence of 25 years to life, he was forced to let go of his youth and freedom. 


While in prison, he, with the encouragement and support of others, dug his way out of a pit of darkness and despair by seeking and gaining wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that assisted in his transformation from man-child to the successful business owner and entrepreneur he is today.

Now, while living a life of abundant grace and with a committed and determined desire to help deter the neighborhood youth from traveling the path of destruction he once traveled, Junior Man has a personal mission to “save the children.”

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